Armorer Practicum

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Author (in-game): Defessus Lector

This book references characters from Agents and Reagents. It appears to be describing an earlier crafting system, and does not appear in Elder Scrolls Online currently.


The blades you made had no edge, and the shaft of the hammer was rotten, but you did manage to enchant the weapons that I asked for—and only three days late. I assume your time was taken up with discovering how deep that cask of Heather Ale was.

I hope you remember what additives you used since in some cases the same additives are used when crafting armor. It’s the interactions between the three additives and the ingredients that grant the effect. Just using one or two additives, while improving the overall quality, does not give an effect.

Something to remember: a triangle is the strongest structure found in nature. And so it is in crafting. Three additives make for a better result than one or two.

Below is a new Practicum for you to complete by month’s end:

Armorer Practicum

To make an Iron Cuirass of Health you add Corroded Brimstone, Dirty Bone Oil, and what other additive to the heated metal?

To make a Homespun Robe of Magicka you combine Dirty Petals, Dirty Pods, and what other additive to the sizing?

To make a Halfhide Jack of Stamina treat the rawhide with Corroded Quicksilver and what other two additives?

Now, how about you start sooner this time, and aim for only two days late?

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