Denizens of Apocrypha

Author: Cipher Plautis
Released In:

Apocrypha is, of course, a plane of Oblivion. Few natural creatures reside in such places. We mortal ciphers are but visitors in a world of Daedric beings. Some are minor spirits that take forms not dissimilar from the creatures of Nirn, while others resemble the thinking races, and some take on bizarre forms not found in the natural world.


Spend an hour strolling about Cipher’s Midden, and you’ll encounter everyday vermin that are similar to the pests of the mortal world—at first glance, anyway. Daedrats and fiendroths appear to exist in all corners of Oblivion, scuttling about and scavenging in much the same way that rats and insects plague Nirn. One type of Daedric vermin unique to Apocrypha is the tomeshell. It occupies and animates discarded books, much like some crabs borrow the shells of other creatures. Tomeshells are mostly harmless, but can lash out if threatened. And don’t get me started on daedmites.


Many of the so-called lesser Daedra can be found throughout the Endless Library and Chroma Incognito. Every Daedric Prince commands legions of imps, clannfear, and ogrim, and Hermaeus Mora is no exception. However, the Great Eye pays little attention to these creatures. They are simply herded or gathered in places that Mora wants guarded, then left to their own devices. Mortal visitors must take great care with any such Daedra they meet in Apocrypha—these lesser Daedra often mistake loyal worshipers of the Great Eye for intruders, and set upon them.


While Hermaeus Mora generally ignores bestial Daedra, the more intelligent varieties are of much more interest to him. He frequently employs Watchlings as messengers and recorders, tasking them with obscure clerical duties in the hidden bureaucracy that quietly administers Apocrypha. Their larger and more powerful cousins, the Watchers, are often found as overseers and guardians, tending to the Great Eye’s more important concerns.nnTwo types of Daedra unique to Apocrypha deserve special mention among Hermaeus Mora’s servants. Seekers are the scholars of Mora’s realm. Of all the Daedra in this plane, they seem most attuned to the Great Eye’s hidden purposes. They are the keepers of secrets and the scribes of fate, going about their inscrutable duties in eerie silence. The terrifying, fishlike Lurkers, on the other hand, embody the Great Eye’s ancient connection to the sea. They are Mora’s most powerful guardians, existing only to destroy threats to Apocrypha in whatever form they appear.


Travel far enough in Apocrypha, and you are likely to encounter creatures not native to the plane who have become entrapped here. The best example are the Hushed. Once they were mortal scribes, much like the ciphers of Cipher’s Midden. But they have been consumed by knowledge, losing their very identities in their hunger to know more. Most Hushed ignore mortals who encounter them. But sometimes Hermaeus Mora uses these hapless creatures to guard locations he wishes to keep private. Do not interfere with the Hushed as they attend their duties, or they may turn on you with no warning at all.

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