By Order of Guildmaster Vanus Galerion

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

By order of the Guildmaster, be very welcome to the isle of Eyevea! All members of the guild in good standing are to view this isle as a refuge. A sanctuary for magical study and a neutral ground on Tamriel.

All members, be you warned:

– Alliance in-fighting will not be tolerated! The Three Banner’s War is in Cyrodiil. Here, all Mages are at peace and in harmony.
– Accept your fellows, no matter their appearance. All the thinking races of Tamriel practice the spellcasting arts. Intolerance towards a fellow guildmember is to be reported to the Guildmaster, and will be dealt with severely!
– Pay the tithe. Members in good standing are welcome to make use of the isle’s sytem of portals for trade and transportation. Any member with a standing business must, however, pay a percentage fee to the guild in tithe.

The return of Eyevea marks a new era for the Guild!

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