The Battle of Orsinium

Author: Bangor the Liar
Released In:

The battle for Orsinium raged on. The clans, already reeling from the surprise attack, retreated into the temple as the Bretons finally broke through the walls and swarmed into the city. The clan chiefs knew that if they did not escape soon, they would die inside their beloved temple.

As they latched the temple doors behind them, the high chief turned and gave instructions to his oldest son. “You need to open the way to the tunnels beneath the temple by setting the pillars correctly. Remember these words and the way will be opened.”

And with that, the high chief spoke the following words. “My eyes gaze upon the battlefield”, but I feel calm. To my right, Clan Luccin fights with ferocity and keeps our enemy at bay. To my left, Clan Bragosh serves as our shield, protecting us from sights unseen. And above, Clan Ruskahr guards the hills, bows at the ready.”

It was now up to the high chief’s son. He had to remember the words, to call upon his knowledge of the clans and their symbols, or the tunnels would never open and the Orc clans would fall. He could not let that happen.

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