A Life of Strife and Struggle

Author: King Laloriaran Dynar
Released In:

Notes for the personal memoirs of King Laloriaran Dynar, “Last King of the Ayleids”

Structure: ten chapters as traditional, one for each of the Ten Ancestors

Chapter One: Struggles of the Late Ayleid Period (263-331)

— My father humiliated by the Empress
— Nenalata as a vassal-state to the Empire of Cyrodiil
— Wrenching transition to a slave-less economy
— Forced adoption of Alessia’s Eight Divines
— I don the Crown of Nenalata
— Rising sense of futility and doom

Chapter Two: Alessian Order, Ayleid Disorder (332-371)

— Coup d’Etat in the Imperial City
— I swear fealty to the Emperor
— Theocracy in Cyrodiil
— The Ayleid Pogrom
— The vassal-states dwindle
— Nenalata stands alone

Chapter Three: Tears for Lost Nenalata (372-374)

— Ultimatum from the Emperor
— Debate with the Intransigents
— Last hours in Nenalata
— The turbulent trek from Cyrodiil
— News of the massacre of the Intransigents
— Nibbled to death by Goblins

Chapter Four: Refugees on the Bjoulsae (375-452)

— Welcomed by the Direnni
— Displacing the Orcs, founding a city
— Bisnensel-by-the-Lake
— Detente with the Bretons, armistice with the Orcs
— Disturbing news from Cyrodiil

Chapter Five: Menace of the Primeval Seekers (453-460)

— The pernicious cult of Hermaeus Mora
— Strange rites, persistent visions

— High Priest Uluscant asserts his authority
— Murder in the night
— Flight of the royal family

Chapter Six: Sanctuary Among the Direnni (461-477)

— Balfiera Island
— Ryain, Aiden, and Raven
— At War with Skyrim
— Tactician and Strategist: I find my true calling
— Hoag Merkiller defeated

Chapter Seven: Approach of the Alessian Horde (478-479)

— Rumbles from the Heartland
— We find Breton converts to Alessianism
— Scourging of the missionaries
— The Alessian Horde marches west
— The fall of Craglorn

Chapter Eight: The Mustering of High Rock (480-481)

— Envoy to the Vassal Kings
— Aiden reluctantly signs the Rights Charter
— Making legionaries out of farmhands
— The Horde swarms into High Rock
— Atrocities of the Alessians

Chapter Nine: The Battle of Glenumbria Moors (482)

— Opening skirmishes
— We present the lure
— Faolchu takes the bait
— Charge of the hidden knights
— Conjured creatures of Corvus and Calani
— Rout of the Alessians

Chapter Ten: Return to Nenalata (482-484)

— Pursuit of the Alessian Horde

— Extermination in Craglorn

— The Maruhkati Martyrs

— Return to the Heartland

— Lured to Nenalata

— Molag Bal’s Insidious Trap

— Prisoner in Coldharbour

Plenty of time in here. Just hope they don’t take away my writing materials. Could even Dremora be that cruel?

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