The Naming Song of Clavicus Vile

Released In: ,
Author (in-game): Anonymous

This song was found in data, but did not make it into the game

(A traditional tavern song)

Well, Clavicus mortals call me
Yes, Wish-Bone is my name
For mortals’ jests are not the best
Their wits are halt and lame

On top of that they call me Vile
Because I tell the truth
I only show them their true selves
In candor without ruth

I give the mortals what they ask
Though never what they want
I but fulfill the terms they name
Then mock, and gibe, and taunt

It’s Clavicus Vile they all summon
Cat, Human, Orc, and Elf
But they’ll never know my secret name
That I sing to just Myself

Hide your true name in secret
Protected by wall and tower
For those who learn your hidden name
Will have you in their power

But you will ne’er outwit me
And make me do as you bid
For you’re just a foolish mortal
And my secrets are well hid!

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