Vital Records, 2E 541-2E 542

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

2E 541:

No births this year.

Stella Gedanis married Robert Jurelette on 10th Second Seed. They will live in the Jurelette home at the water’s edge.

Patrand Zurric, aged 35 years, drowned on 4th Mid Year in the Bjoulsae River, after swimming while intoxicated. He is survived by his wife, Medya Zurric.

The entire Chamrond family died during the invasion from the Reach. Town burnt, prior records lost.

Gods preserve us all.

2E 542:

Roberta, born 25th Sun’s Dawn. Son of Stella and Robert Jurelette. Sadly, Stella died of childbed fever, 28th Sun’s Dawn, without seeing her newborn. She is survived by her husband, Robert, and their daughter.

Labhraidh, born on 28th Rain’s Hand, Jester’s Day, to Medya Zurric, widow of Patrand Zurric, and survivor of the Black Drake’s invasion.

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