Horrors of the Strid Basin

Author: Anonymous
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One can but speculate on the origin of these disgusting creatures. Their grotesque nature is matched only by the horrors of Oblivion, yet Bosmer insist they have lived in Valenwood since time immemorial.

Similar in appearance to their insectile kin, hoarvors are opportunistic beasts that do not hunt so much as come upon their victims.

Slow and rotund, one might expect these slothful arthropods possess a docile—if morbid—nature. Indeed the common hoarvor is not quick to strike a lone enemy, yet together—or in the presence of abundant food—they may attack with a ferocity that belies their portly appearance.

Were this not enough, jagga and other barmy substances are known to drive the beasts into a frenzy.

One must therefore take great care what one imbibes in the presence of Wood Elves, who derive rare pleasure from the husbandry of these monstrous abominations.

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