Leyawiin Shipping Schedule

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Port of Leyawiin Scheduled Departures — 3rd Week of First Seed 2E 580

The Meritorious – Ivory Brigade patrol vessel departs at dawn on Sundas for two week patrol. Due to return 2nd week of Rain’s Hand. (Stow away, meet pirates, jump ship?)

Floundering Flounder – Fishing vessel registered to Braxon Emri. Departing Middas morning. Due to return Fredas of the same week. (Boooooring)

Shell-Back – Black Fin Legion warship. Departing Morndas at noon-day tide for Gideon. (I bet Hard-Scales could sail with them. I should reread those chapters.)

Merry Mermaid – Merchant vessel registered to Rangdel Morri. Departing pending customs inspection. Bound for Anvil on the Gold Coast. Suspected Red Sails smuggler. (This is perfect! If they get held up in port I should have plenty of time to sneak aboard!)

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