Sigil of the Netch Analysis

Released In:

What an unusual creature, the Netch! It floated by at one point through the Scholarium, stopped, and patted me upon my head with one of its tendrils. I say!

It is just as powerful as its brethren, however. The power of the Netch, now relayed through the Scribing altar, has reverberated across the land. I have it on good authority from sources in the Mages Guild that Affix Scripts have been appearing in new and unusual spots. Certainly, I’ve found a large trove here in the Scholarium. So you can expect more of that type to show up in my stocks.

I also understand they’re now showing up in caches taken from challenging scenarios in the world such as Dark Anchors or Deadlands portals. Soldiers in the Imperial City have been pulling them from their rewards, and the Undaunted have been finding them in their troves as well.

We also have reason to be believe that the Netch has caused Luminous Ink to begin seeping from harvestable crafting materials. If you were to ask me why, or how, I could spout metamagical theory at you for hours. I believe, at the end of the day, this is simply another of the Luminary’s good-natured “pranks.” Maddening!

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