Riddles of the Dragon (Solutions)

Released In:

I spoke to my allies in the Scholarium about the riddles presented to me by the Dragon. They gave me a number of clues on how to proceed.

Llaren: Riddle of the Rich
Search out and steal “treasure” for the Dragon from safeboxes in Reaper’s March. Come back with the notes from two researcher troves, with one trove each in Rawl’kha, Arenthia, and Dune.

Julian: Riddle of the Game
Win a Tales of Tribute match.

Irnard: Riddle of War
Travel to Cyrodiil and seek out a treasure in Haynote Cave, Cracked Wood Cave, or Toadstool Hollow.

Nahlia: Riddle of the Hunt
Slay twenty-five beasts in Reaper’s March.

Nahlia: Riddle of Battle
Slay two of the group bosses in in Reaper’s March.

The Crow: Riddle of the Moon
Gather four blossoms of the Bent Dance Bloom, found growing in Do’Krin Monastery in Reaper’s March.

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