Riddles of the Rithana-di-Renada

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Down in a grave where Dremora crawl
Two left, two right, three vases above
Rimmen’s legacy awaits

Deep in a shameful abode
Watched over by a golden flower
Riverhold sits patiently

East of a starry haven
Atop a hill, beneath stone arch
Dune is shaded from the sky

Beneath the ground, atop a mesa
Between white bones and chest of treasure
Verkarth has been tucked away

Prowl for a shard of the sky
Look west to the hidden crevice
Meirval waits by lantern bright

On the path west of Merryvale
Past hanging bridge, up stone stairs
Pellitine waits between twin flame

Where the desert sands sweep ruins
And the fanged necromancer prowls
At the edge of a scar shines Alabaster

At the center of a jungle’s tangle
A pillar stands, a pillar falls
And Bruk’ra soaks in cool waters

In the smoldering embers
Of its ruined city
Orcest lies shaded by stone shrine

Scars weep for Corinth
Between two twisting trees
Where savannah grasses grow

West of the Stitches, in canyon brown
Four pillars form together
With Helkarn at their center

High above a scar of ash
Shaded by a lone tent
Senchal hides from creeping dead

A stone Khajiit guards Tenmar
As she worships dual Moons
Within the temple’s courtyard

Torval sits in hollowed stump
By the spring of Arkay’s lash
A Nereid guards its murky waters

On the outskirts of Rimmen, by rebel’s camp
Ruins sit crooked atop a hill
Khenarthi waits within them

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