The Restless

Author: Author: Unknown
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Book added by Dead Man’s Dread from the Creation Club.

Have you heard the tale about the pirates who challenged an Empire?

I’m sure you have. For neither gallows’ rope nor history’s pen can erase the Restless League. So long as crews hoist sail and fare the seas they’ll sing shanties of ol’ Cyrus, hero of Stros M’Kai.

But what became of him when the fighting was done? If it were only a tale, the book would close, but life has a habit of adding pages where they shouldn’t be.

Some say he sailed west, to lands uncharted. But others contend he took command of the legendary ship, Dead Man’s Dread, and sailed north, drawn by the stories of Tobias. There he hunted for treasures new and old, all across the Sea of Ghosts. Over time he amassed a great fortune, and lived out the rest of his days on calm waters.

Where this fortune is now, is a mystery long forgotten. You’ll hear talk of a Blackbone Isle, but you won’t find it on any map. The last man who claimed to know its location was a pirate by the name of Kevon. Yet as a wanted man of little clout, he died in Castle Dour Dungeon, taking the fate of the treasure with him.

A strange end to a great tale, but who knows if the writing’s done. For a man’s hunt for gold is as restless as his desire to be free.

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