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Author: Sima the Edged Scholar
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The Four

There are few warriors, even in legend, who match the Sword Saints of old Yokuda. But among that elite cadre, the Four—Mamireh, Akamon, Roshadon, and Rok'dun the Flame, rise above the rest.

They were among the most prominent Yokudan warriors of the first invasion of Nedic homelands.

Legend has it, the three were inestimably powerful, wielding sword movements lesser Sword Saints only saw in dreams. They single-handedly captured Nedic fortifications, breached Nedic walls as easily as hopping streams, cut whole armies to ribbons with a swing of their spirit swords.

That's what the myths claim, anyway. The greatest Redguard warriors of today seem like elderly statesmen in comparison.

The legends elaborate further that, among all the formidable Ansei serving the Yokudan effort, the Four had special favor from the Warrior Stars. They had meditated so fully on that constellation that they could reach through those windows, to whatever lay beyond. Thus, they grasped greater skill.

One must assume they eventually perished, of course. If not at the pikes and axes of Nedic defenders, then from natural causes. But the graves of these Yokudan elite have never been found. This old scholar has searched the entirety of Craglorn, looked in every corner of every Yokudan crypt, and found no sign of the Four. Unless they returned to a sinking Yokuda, perhaps they never existed at all,

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