Predestination and Paradox: A Treatise

Author: Nelqueriel
Released In:

By Elder Cipher of the Eye Nelqueriel

[This lengthy tome details Nelqueriel’s viewpoint on the nature of fate, fatelines, and the forces of time as it acts on a mortal’s life, all written in a high-minded style. It has numerous appendices related to her research.]

Appendix G: Tem, The Omen of Fate

I record here now the details of my encounter with Tem, the Omen of Fate, who proved invaluable in consultation on the nature of fate. The warp and weft of a mortal’s life are clearly visible to one such as he, and so any student of these forces might do well to address him. That said. take heed. Tem does not look kindly on those who would try to meddle with fate’s flow. You have been warned.

To find Tem seek out the fate locus summoning site near Ravening Morass. While he can be called to any well-scribed circle, I found this location made him more amenable to parley. Tem will offer no information unless asked. To ask requires esoteric ephemera. Through some trial and error, these items proved most efficacious in establishing a dialogue between us:

– Dome dust from a scroll of a Daedric nature. The words themselves are unimportant.

– The talon of a Seeker. Alive is best. Dead works just as well.

– A vial of ichor from the pools near the Ravening Morass.

At the circle, use each of the three summon fonts in turn, I was able to ask three questions and three questions only.

Next, we turn our discussion to my methodologies surrounding interviews and specimen cataloging.

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