Loriasel Tablet Notes

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Entry 1

Progress! The tablet was worth the journey to Loriasel. Like many of their relics, the Ayleids masked the tablet’s secrets with illusory wards and destructive traps to make the slightest divination an exercise in mortal danger.

Less a concern for myself, of course. The true transcription reads as follows:

“Epevoy an anyadena av Irraie pado an sunnand.

Can an canomora racuvarima.

Arctane va ceye av Irraie.

Malatu ye nemalatuis shauta ry relle asva relleis.”

Entry 2

My translation of the Loriasel tablet is woefully inelegant, but I believe it says the following:

“Speak the life-treaty of Irrai before the blessed-stone.

Call the Daedric herald who was cast down.

Accept the shadow of Irrai.

Truth and not-truth come as water within many-waters.”

The word ‘Irrai’ appears twice in the script. I find no reference to this word in any of my books regarding the Ayleid language. It seems to be a name, but of what?

[Entry 3 is missing.]

Entry 4

Irrai is amicable enough, if cryptic. It was hours before she seemed to comprehend any language but old Ayleid and Daedric pidgin.

When she finally spoke, she did so with eloquence and a surprisingly cheerful curiosity. According to Irrai, she once served Culanwe. She claims the seal upon Laeloria was placed by Azura herself.

While I’m apprehensive about trusting any Daedra, Winged Twilights such as Irrai are known to be servants of Azura. Beyond this, the shrine outside Laeloria is proof enough of this location’s importance to the Daedric Prince of Dawn and Dusk.

After years of searching, could I finally be within reach of reversing Culanwe’s terrible fate?

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