Carina’s Journal

Author: Carina
Released In:

The great artificer’s scribblings and riddles are maddening. Still, I am beginning to see why my superiors desire control of these constructs. They lack the common failings of men: fear, hunger, and thirst. They are nearly perfect soldiers.

They are flawed, of course. They cannot think, make decisions, or act on instinct. Following orders is well and good, but soldiers without reason are only useful to a point.

It causes me to wonder: what if the Dwarves were onto something here? The constructs we’ve encountered are far tougher than I expected. The texts at the Imperial Library did not do them justice.

Razak must have been a genius in the realms of artifice. Was he working on something even greater in the depths of the sealed vault? I must know!

The Empire must have this power. No matter the price.

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