Safeguards of the Gryphon

Released In:

Safeguard of Health
A once-sacred land has been trampled by Worm Cultists in the eastern Rift. Wet the soil with their blood if you must, but seek the rare medicinal Foxroot plant in this region and return it to me.

Safeguard the Depths
Delve into the many caves, ruins, and forts of the Rift. Slay one of the the formidable foes that desecrate their halls.

Safeguard of Corruption
In cities of the Rift, corrupt merchants peddle watered down tinctures, preying on the poor. Find one of these salesmen and steal their wealth in compensation for their greed.

Safeguard of Death
The Lich is among the most powerful undead creatures, tyrants over the living. They often bear sacred phylacteries, wellsprings of their unlife. Seek out and slay one of these creatures, such as Caluurion, Narien’eth, or the Mad Architect. Return with a splinter of their power.

Safeguard of Thieves
My time with the Fox has taught me the value of clever redistribution of wealth. The Thieves guild offers leads on adventures they call heists. Complete two of these and return with a pair of Foxeye Gems as proof.

Safeguard of Stars
Shards of Aetherius are dangerous weapons in the wrong hands. Splinters of these once-mighty stones still lie dormant in ancient Ayleid ruins. Head to Cyrodiil and seek these shards in the ruins of Belda, Lindai, and Sardavar Leed.

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