Crafting with Netch Leather

Released In:
Author (in-game): Alma Merisan

Book added with Netch Leather Armor from Creation Club.

Despite having a powdery, velvet texture, netch leather is actually somewhat venomous to the touch. When worn, one can still feel the tingling sensation from active nematocysts underneath the now dormant tentacle barbs.

However, when crafted properly, the effect is somewhat pleasant. While some opt for a strict boil, curing the leather in a low temperature stove can harden it without overactivating the poison. In addition, tanning the leather at a rack can help maintain durability, as well as add color to your armor.

Of course, if crafting netch leather armor proves too difficult, a trip to Solitude might help you find a set. Everyone who has read The Rear Guard knows of Cascabel Hall. Yet while the castle no longer stands, some say leftover crates of netch leather armor were sent over to Fort Hraggstad after the battle. You may even be able to take the armor apart and learn a thing or two about the process.

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