Behold Khunzar-ri’s Betrayal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Brave Khunzar-ri, who sprung from the womb with Azurah’s secrets upon his lips and Alkosh’s great strength branded upon his claws, prowled the world alone for many years. But his laughing spirit yearned for fellowship. As is often the case with great heroes, Khunzar-ri had many friends, but few true companions. To those lucky few he did call “Kra’Jun battle-friend,” he showed nothing but kindness and fiercest loyalty.

Alas! The price of loyalty is, too often, betrayal! In the ancient Halls of Colossus, the foul Betrayer broke the bonds of Kra’Jun and struck Khunzar-ri a mortal blow. In so doing, he struck his own name from history, his own head from his body, and his own honor from his soul.

We remember the sleek Khunzar-ri, we remember the betrayal, but we do not remember the Betrayer. May his thirst for fame and power be quenched only by the choking dust of obscurity!

These are the words, and the words are true.

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