The Legend of Grudge-Rock Falls

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Every Orc understands the concept of the grudge. It’s as ingrained into the Orcish state of mind as blood, battle, and the love of Vosh Ball. But perhaps the place in all of Wrothgar where the grudge has an extra-special meaning is at the place known as Grudge-Rock Falls. When Jormug and Torkagh met at the top of the an unnamed plateau to settle a conflict concerning the ownership of the cubs produced by the mating of their prized echateres, there was no waterfall raining down the rocky cliffside. But when the two met in battle, their grudge match lasted for a day and a night. On the morning of the second day, Jormug’s axe blade collided with Torkagh’s hammer. The resulting clang of metal on metal reverberated throughout the rock,” cracking it wide and unleashing a torrent of rushing water that flows to the current day.

Or so the legend goes.

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