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The Ballad of Navid the Singer


In old Ra Gada days
When Forebears came ashore
Among them were sword-singers
According to the lore
At fore were Yaghoub's Thirteen
Noble Ansei all
One there was named Navid
This song is of his fall
Navid loved Sayeedeh
Sayeedeh loved him not
Her heart was pledged to Ihlqub
The Thirteen's finest shot
As Ihlqub plied his bow
In practice on the beach
Navid approached with empty hands
Until he was in reach
While Ihlqub faced the target
Navid called up his shehai
Slew his love's love with sacred sword
And watched his rival die
Back to Yaghoub's beachhead
Went into his tent
Fell for shame on his own sword
Dishonor thus was spent