The Shadowcutter Blade

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

Sermon of Priestess Endunore

Transcribed by Relicmaster Glenadir

And so Syrabane crafted the blade and named it Shadowcutter, for it would pierce even unnatural darkness. Eager to show the wonders of his creation, he demonstrated before a friend. "Here," Syrabane told him, "look upon your shadow on this wall. See as I cleft it in twain."

As his friend stared into the shadow, Syrabane held the glowing blade high. With one mighty stroke he sliced downwards, and an arc of light was pushed forth. And indeed, the shadow was cut in half.

However, the friend crumpled to his knees. Syrabane rushed to the mer's side, but it was too late. The darkness within him, the darkness which belongs to all man and mer, had been cleft in twain as well. His soul had been pierced. And so he was killed.

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