Uzdabikh’s Helm

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

The history of Wrothgar is a history of war. During the Battle of Fharun Pass, Uzdabikh rose from obscurity to become its most celebrated hero.

Reports concerning Uzdabikh’s gender conflict, but Curator Umutha favors tales that describe her as female. Her warband was charged with defending a tunnel against encroaching Redguard soldiers, but no one expected them to send their entire army.

One by one her warband fell, until only Uzdabikh remained standing. She fought with bow, with axe, with knife, and even with bare hands until the tunnel was awash in blood. One-thousand-and-one Redguard died in the tunnel that day. It is said that her helmet was blessed, protecting Uzdabikh against every attack. But when reinforcements arrived, they found only Redguard corpses, piled high around her battered helmet.

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