Ritual of Unbinding

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

The Ritual of Unbinding cuts an entity’s ties, mystical and magical, to release him or her from all links to mortal and immortal realms. Chant the ritual and invoke the runestone’s power to channel energy through the runestone into a binding stone.

Once invoked, the runestone creates a key which can later break its connection to its binding stones. The runestone’s key must revoke the energies at each binding stone. Most rituals use one or two binding stones; more powerful entities require three. Legends speak of rare creatures that need four.

Note: One can avoid the bound entity’s death by invoking the Rite of Proxy. For this, use the runestone on a willing sacrifice. That person’s life will be forfeit, and the bound entity is freed. The key thus created will be energized with the soul of the proxy sacrifice.

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