The Sublime Brazier

Released In:
Author (in-game): Augusta Purusius

By Augusta Purusius, Associate Historian, Imperial Academy of Records and Histories

In the brilliant dawn of St. Alessia’s rule, Akatosh, the Dragon-God of Time, bestowed upon her many gifts: wisdom, temperance, vitality, and eventually the Amulet of Kings. The Amulet’s role in maintaining Akatosh’s compact with men and mer is well-known. Less well-known is the nature of its counterpart, The Sublime Brazier.

The Brazier is an expertly wrought cauldron, carved to resemble a roost of dragons. Legends say that the bottom of the cauldron reaches down into the very heart of Nirn, and that the hewn dragons whisper to each other in a long-dead tongue when no one is near. As to its purpose—the Brazier serves as Akatosh’s first light. When kindled, it brings life to the Dragonfires in the city above.

The Brazier’s location is a closely guarded secret. Some say that Alessia’s heirs can hear it calling to them through Aethereal “songs.” This belief has guided many misguided souls into the sewers. The prideful and insane who believe themselves to be Dragonborn descend into the underground, straight into the waiting jaws of the many creatures that lurk there. But then, this may be the true purpose of the Brazier—to test the strength and guile of any person who would be Emperor. The Imperial Sewers do not suffer fools. If you do not hear the songs, do not seek the Brazier.

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