In Dreams We Awaken

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

In dreams, we awaken.

Her reveries call to us. From across Tamriel, her dreams have shown us a true world, a far better world than the one you know.

Vaermina lights the sky of our world! Vaermina is the stars of our world! Her thousand truths are a thousand lights in the night sky!

The wakeful world is full of suffering and starvation. It is a world of lies. We have come from all corners of this broken world to gather as dreamers of a new brighter age.

She has called us here to Stormhaven! She has awakened us to a better world! We will leave this world of lies behind us!

Some cannot comprehend these simple truths. They do not understand her dreams as we do, for they are not true dreamers. She calls to the mighty and the humble, yet those who are found wanting are cast down into madness.

Awaken, sleeper! Ascend, dreamer! Seek her in dreams, and join us!

We await you.

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