Fauns’ Thicket Research Notes

Released In:
Author (in-game): Druid Madena

Druid Madena, Fauns’ Thicket

Observation 45:

Fauns live in a subtle yet distinctive hierarchy. The herd is led by a male-female pair and I believe I can discern the lieutenants who report to the lead pair. Below this are Fauns who scout for food, Fauns who tend to the young, and Fauns who watch for danger.

Observation 46:

Even though all Fauns display distinct favoritism toward berries and fruits, the youngest always receive the ripest food available. This is a form of altruism heretofore unseen in the herd.

Observation 47:

One of the lieutenants is spending more time with the herd’s lead female.

Observation 50:

Do Fauns display the ability for sentience? This has been greatly discussed among the druids of Galen. They display an aptitude for using tools and they play games to amuse themselves, but crows use tools and play, and we don’t consider them to be sentient. I’ll have to continue my observations here. The answer to that fundamental question is as far from my mind as the shore is from my den.

Observation 52:

The Fauns are starting to pick through my equipment. One stomped across my papers. Another, I can tell by the hoof tracks left in the dirt, deliberately upended a vial of ink over my blankets. I suppose I should be glad that this is the extent of their damage, but I’m not. I’ll never get the stain out of my blanket.

Observation 53:

The lead male found out about the lieutenant’s upward scheme. There is much braying from the herd tonight. I fear my rest will be broken by their fights and arguments.

Observation 60:

I’ve drawn a diagram of the different stances in Faun combat. Should I ever find myself facing a cross Faun, I now have a much healthier respect for the damage their hooves can inflict.

Observation 61:

The crafty lieutenant has been removed from the herd. I saw him leave with hunched shoulders at dawn. My night was sleepless and rough, but I am confident that Faun’s was worse.

Observation 63:

I’ve inscribed a few stones with warnings and curses. The Fauns may not fear my wrath, but they know the scent of druid magic. My den is safe. For now.

Observation 67:

The lead pair are behaving like a king and queen at court. They go on grand promenades of the thicket, showing off their fine furs and control over the other Fauns in the herd. I even spied younger Fauns bringing the queen flowers and freshly plucked berries. The King surveyed his lands and pointed out places along the perimeter where more sentries could be stationed to keep the herd safe. It’s a wonderful sight, one that strengthens my resolve in their complex hierarchy.

Observation 70:

It is a farce. The Fauns saw me observing them and decided to make a mockery of court life. The king and queen? They don’t even like each other. I caught one of the younger members of the “court” sniggering at me after one of the grand promenades I observed. They weren’t surveying their land, they were walking throughout the thicket to ensure that I saw them.

I’ve been out here too long. I depart for Glimmertarn at first light. All my work is spoiled by this revelation that the Fauns were simply toying with me.

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