The Song of Gods

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Kyne, the Kiss at the End,
Called the Mother of Men.
Dance in her storm’s divine,
As hawk she flies, our Kyne.

Mara, Goddess of Love,
Whose grace lifts us high above.
She blesses our sacred flora,
Does our beloved she-wolf, Mara.

Dibella, the artist’s muse,
Goddess of Beauty, that’s no ruse.
As silver moth, there is no flaw,
We see only the fair Dibella.

Stuhn, whale God of Ransom,
War captives seek his calm.
With shield and horn his boon,
Stands with us, does fair Stuhn.

Jhunal, sage God of Runes,
Flies free beneath the glistening moons.
A night owl who’s so droll,
Soars with us, the wise Jhunal.

Orkey tests all mortals,
He likes to start all quarrels.
A snake no one can flee,
None may fool wary Orkey.

Alduin, the dread World-Eater,
Does much that we might fear.
Known as the First Dragon,
None dare worship Alduin.

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