The Sonnet of Aetherius Art

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

This book References the guild Aetherius Art, who won the 2020 Tamriel Together Guild competition.

This is our base, a place of our glories, The beginning and end to each day. With the hearth at our feet, we recount recent quarries, Sharing deeds we accomplished along the way. Together we stand against enemies across the land, A band of adventurers who take all in stride. Our walls are decked with all that was at hand, The items we look on with pride. There is danger all around, from Minotaurs and vandals, To villainous necromancers plotting doom in their lair. With everything at stake, we assume the heroic mantle, And face adventure with as much zeal as we dare. Still, across the boarders and seas where we roam, There is always one place we return to, a building we call Home.
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