Potion Recipes [TES5]

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These appear in separate notes in game, I have kept them together since they are so short.

Cure Disease Potion Recipe

Cure Disease potion:

~Charred Skeever Hide
~Mudcrab Chitin

Damage Health Poison Recipe

Damage Health poison:

~Skeever Tail
~Void Salts

Fear Poison Recipe

Fear poison:

~Namira's Rot
~Blue Dragonfly Wing

Fortify Carry Weight Potion Recipe

Fortify Carry Weight potion:

~Creep Cluster Root
~Giant's Toe

Invisibility Potion Recipe

Invisibility potion:

~Ice Wraith Teeth
~Chaurus Eggs

Paralysis Poison Recipe

Paralysis poison:

~Canis Root
~Swamp Fungal Pod

Resist Fire Potion Recipe

Resist Fire potion:

~Frost Salts

Resist Poison Potion Recipe

Resist Poison potion:

~Falmer Ear

Resist Shock Potion Recipe

Resist Shock potion:


Restore Health Potion Recipe

Restore Health potion:

~Imp Stool

Restore Magicka Potion Recipe

Restore Magicka potion:

~Giant Lichen

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