Materials for Novice Necromancers

Released In:
Author (in-game): Girara the Undying

As written by Girara the Undying

Depending on your magical experience and talent, there are different classifications regarding materials a novice necromancer must work with. In order to raise your own army and conquer your enemies, you must first understand these materials. After all, it is a rule of magic that no one can fully control that which they do not understand.

Magic is a fickle thing, not tied to many of the physical restrictions of this world. Because of this, it is often easiest for novices to command a similarly incorporeal material at the start of their studies. The spirits of the dead exist throughout Tamriel, though they do not always have the energy to visibly manifest. Here, the necromantic arts present their clear and obvious uses. Simply concentrate your power in a location and the odds are good a ghost will take form.

As the basic soldiers in any competent necromancer’s army, skeletons are little more than a structure held together by magic. Little effort is needed in order to raise these corporeal undead, and the requisite bones can be carried in a bag until they are needed.

Skeletons are simple creatures, easy to conjure and command. Zombies are an entirely different matter. Flesh retains the memories of its old self and must be made to forget before they can be raised and controlled. Rituals and rites, as well as a change in scenery, help confuse the flesh and strip it of its former identity. If done successfully, the corpse of your choosing will achieve a sort of stasis and do your bidding with ease.

Unlike the other manifestations, wraiths are spirits governed by strong emotions. In order to call forth and command a wraith, you must learn how to twist a spirit into its darkest expression. Allow the anger and rage of a life cut short to govern the spirit’s form as you summon it. Master raising the dead, and you will command them with ease.

You cannot control a lich. Do not even attempt to command one through magic. Liches have used necromancy to ascend to a state of undeath and are definitely more powerful than you. They are masters of the dark rituals, necromancers of the highest order.

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