Chronicle of Apocrypha

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

Let the record show that the Great Eye, Hermaeus Mora, chose a mortal champion to defend Apocrypha and preserve reality from the threat posed by Vaermina and Peryite. Further, said mortal was instrumental in dealing with the rogue Dremora, Torvesard, and safeguarding the most precious secrets of the Great Eye's realm.

Let the record show that [Player Name] is the chosen of fate, marked by Hermaeus Mora and charged with protecting the threads of destiny for the duration of this crisis. They stopped the enemies of Mora from destroying Apocrypha, ended the poisoning corruption that weakened the realm, drove off Vaermina and the Hidden Kindred, and preserved the reality of Apocrypha, Nirn, and all the realms of existence.

[Player Name] has been inscribed into the Chronicle of Apocrypha, to be remembered forever for actions accomplished in service to fate. All hail fate's chosen! All hail Hermaeus Mora!

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