Soul of the Sword

Released In:
Author (in-game): Valami

A Meditation by Valami, Goutfang Master

No one true path leads to mastery of the Vrin-Thak style. No specific steps make you an adept or a master. Instead, reflect upon these things and discover your own path.

The sword is your soul. The soul is your sword.

[Scrawled in angry strokes: “Ziss this gaking gak! May Valami cut open her soul with her own sword! What does this even mean?”]

Meditate on these words. What do they mean to you?

[More angry strokes: “They mean you’re a blazing incompetent who can’t even train your students. That’s what they gaking mean!]

Do they suggest a path? No, probably not.

[Jagged strokes in large letters: “YOU DON’T SAY?”]

Any who train in the ways of the Vrin-Thak spend hours learning basic forms before being handed a weapon. Yet, if the soul is your sword, and your sword is your soul, does that not mean masters are stunting the growths of their students from the start? I say no.

[In smaller script: “Done. This one is done with this. This one is not even going to…”]

[This scroll ends abruptly, as if the one annotating it tore off everything under the last note.]

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