Trans-Niben Delicacies

Author: Snagoth
Released In:

By First Mate Snagoth of the Guar’s Beak, second fastest treasure hauler on the Niben River.

Any person who wonders at a member of my less than legitimate profession writing a book of recipes should board a ship and sail into the open ocean. The moment they encounter their first day of doldrums, all such questions shall be answered.

Given my current, windless predicament, I have taken it upon myself to record every good meal I have eaten since the beginning of my long career in piracy. I shall start with one of my favorites.

When I was but a young man, early in my travels and with my boots still stiff and dry, I procured this recipe from an Argonian fisherfolk in a back-water inlet on the south side of the river. The fisherfolk thought to secure some small amount of funds from me in the form of a game of cards while I sought to finance my dinner in the same manner. We played well into the night until the fisherfolk had nothing left to give but the recipe which had been a secret of his tribe until that very moment.


Search the tide-pools for a shelled creature called a crayfish, which looks nothing like a fish and only moderately like a lobster.
Boil the crayfish for a short time in seasoned water.
During which time: gather and prepare your greens.
Remove the crayfish from their shells and cut off its head.

When the meat is sufficiently cooled, add it to the greens and top with your choice of fruits, vegetables, seeds, or meat. I followed my host’s recommendation and added some citrus to my salad. It did something wonderful to the greens since those are usually detestable at best.

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