Graveyard Research Notes

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

At last I near the site. Seldom have I been so impatient in my long career. I spent the night at Castle Alessia, mere hours north of the battleground. My excitement prevented me from sleeping more than a few minutes at a time.

I set off at daybreak and made good time until we neared the ruins of Variela Tower. My horse smelled the undead that haunt that desolate place and threw me from the saddle. When I regained consciousness, Lightstep was nowhere in sight. I assume my supplies are with her as well, much good they will do her.

Fortunately this journal was inside my cloak. Though it caused a painful bruise when I landed on it, I am still able to take notes for my paper.

I skirted the Variela ruins, not wishing to be eviscerated by the undead shambling about. The graveyard, site of the ancient battle, is just to the south. So little is known about this battle that my research should be eagerly awaited. I hope to answer many questions today.

Were the Ayleids part of a strong contingent of Elves based at Variela? Or were they scouts coming from afar? And what in Julianos’ name were Orcs doing there? Did they too have a previously unsuspected stronghold nearby, or were they a band of marauders far from home? Unearthing the graves and examining the artifacts they contain should tell me much.

I have rested here long enough. The shadows lengthen already. I will make a pitiful camp in the graveyard and begin my excavations in the morning. Discovery awaits!

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