Dreamers Our Time Has Come

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Dreamers! Our time has come!

You have traveled far to walk with us, brother. You have walked far, sister, wandering across a broken world of lies and suffering.

You have journeyed long to chant with us. We shall extol the beatific wonders of Vaermina! May her dream be unending!

Stormhaven lies before us, and we must share her dream. Those who can see, those who will awaken will join us. We call to the humble and the mighty. Those who are weak, those who are blind, she will cast down into madness.

Go forth!

To the tumultuous strife of Wind Keep, go forth!

To the tears of the suffering in Weeping Giant, go forth!

Spread the word! Herald the dream!

We will gather our armies of dreamers. Then we will all return to the city of lies: the city of Wayrest. The heresy of the Eight will be torn down. The dreamers will ascend! Wayrest will become our City of Dreams!

Our new age has begun. We will join her in eternity.

All praise the name of Vaermina!

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