Mirror of Fatal Premonition

Author: Tandyefae, Relicmaster Glenadir (Transcriber)
Released In:

Final Testament of Tandyefae

Transcribed by Relicmaster Glenadir

It happened. It happened, it happened. The scar. The scar on my cheek, it’s there. There, on my cheek, and now I know that my end is soon. I’m going to die.

I knew I should have never looked into that mirror, but my curiosity was too great. I thought for sure I would look back to see an old man, but the eyes that stared back were the same. Only eighty years old and staring back at my own death. The only difference—that scar on my cheek.

I thought I was being careful. No fencing, no riding, no strenuous activities. But yesterday, at the market, I tripped over a cobblestone. Of all the blasted things! And now the scars there, and—I’m going to die. The mirror knew, the mirror saw, and so marks my death.

I want my family to know I love them so very much, but there’s no escaping my fate. Please, if you have any common sense, destroy that mirror. Before it destroys you.

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