Understanding House Dres

Author: Solamar Dres
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By Solamar Dres, Grand Historian for the House, Written in the 84th Year of the Golden Peace

House Dres, one of the Great Houses of the Dunmer, prized agrarian pursuits above all else. The House built its fortune on saltrice plantations and slave labor while maintaining a persistent tradition of Daedra worship and ancestor reverence. Dres controlled the southeastern region of Morrowind, even extending its influence into parts of central Morrowind. It was formally established as a Great House by Grandmaster Thalthil Dres after a successful slave raid that secured our role as the predominant suppliers of slaves to the other Houses.

House Dres constantly resisted efforts to join Dunmer society with the rest of Tamriel. Proud isolationists, we nevertheless believed in the unity of the Great Houses. Our agricultural might fed Morrowind, providing the majority of the foodstuffs necessary for the existence and continuation of Dunmer society. As such, feeding Morrowind provided the bulk of our wealth and influence, supplemented nicely by our control of the slave trade.

The isolationist stance of House Dres was instilled in its customs and world outlook from the very beginning. Not only do we consider the other cultures and races to be inferior to the Dunmer, we deem any extended contact with them where we were not in total control to present a danger to Dunmer society. Ideas, like a plague, can spread without warning and prove to be impossible to contain. Instead, we should concentrate on inter-House relations and improving the position of the Dunmer to make our society stronger and eternal.

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