Bolga’s Guide to Island Beasts

Author: Bolga gra-Bur
Released In:

By Bolga gra-Bur, Huntswoman of Mistral

Beasts from all over Tamriel come here on trade ships. Those that find killing easy call this island home. From weak to strong, Bolga tells you where to find them. How to best them. Whether they are good for eating.


Big rats from up north. Pack roamers. Meat is good for stew. Very stringy.

Live in burrows under sand. Camping on beach? Bad idea. Water comes up and skeevers with it. Better to camp on rocks. Solid ground.

Jump like tiny tigers. Sometimes spin about. You think they are running? Do not be fooled! You wonder why Bolga has only one hand? This is why. Stand firm. Ready a shield if you have one to keep both your hands.


Mouths on legs. Eat anything they wrap their teeth around. Go anywhere their legs carry them.

Meat is tough, gamey. Sometimes poison.

Solitary. Tend toward easy prey, like sheep. Enough in one place? They raid thunderbug nests.

Alit attack with bites, but feet are more deadly. If one crouches, get your guard up! They are high jumpers.


Keep to themselves. Nest in soft dirt near trees and under ridges. Lay eggs and guard them from anything that gets near. Eggs are sweet and tingly going down.

Get their name from the shock you get when they bite you. They can also shock from a distance. If one tries it, punch it in the head until it stops!

Some bugs bigger than others. Spit tiny shock balls and call thunder from the sky. Bolga suggests avoiding these. You cannot fight the weather.

Giant Snake

Hard to find. Occasionally eat small boats. Find one swimming? Make for land. If it catches you, it will drag you under.

Bolga has only fought one on land. When it was close to death, it coiled up. Its wounds started to close. When Bolga saw this, she ran and did not look back. Suggest you do the same.

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