Our Puny Allies

Released In:
Author (in-game): Rigurt the Brash

Jorunn the Skald King said, “Rigurt, write about our puny allies, the Dark Elves. Tell everyone what you learned about them during your diplomatic missions to Morrowind.”

So Rigurt replied, “Yes, your majesty, if you insist.” Because that is always what you have to say to Jorunn the Skald King.

Now, Rigurt is a lot of things, but a writer isn’t one of them. I am not a poet or a bard, like my king. Or a spinner of tall tales, like the author of those Brave Little Scrib books. I love those Brave Little Scrib stories!

No, Rigurt is simply a large ambassador, part of the fabulous Nord Cultural Exchange. In my role as a spreader of culture, I help strengthen our alliance. Especially the ties between the powerful Nords of Skyrim and the puny, I mean small, or maybe not quite so large Dark Elves. Or Dunmer. I think they prefer that term. Maybe? What was Rigurt writing about?

Oh yes! Rigurt remembers! Our puny—I mean small—allies! They were a great help when the Akaviri invaded the north, the little Dark Elves offered to help us beat them senseless. Not that we Nords needed the help. Not in the least. But we decided it would make the little pointy ears happy to participate in the battle. That was the birth of our alliance, you know. The Ebonheart Pact. Rigurt wanted to call it something else, but Jorunn banished me after my fifth suggestion.

What else can Rigurt say? The Dark Elves can be snooty and pompous, and they love their fancy clothes. But they fight well for such puny people. And Rigurt finds their beverages to be quite tasty. A few too many bugs and mushrooms in everything, though.

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