Aminyas’ Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Aminya

Written with the inherent Breton taste for duplicity and over-florid conceit toward exceptionalism, the letters regarding the plight of Wayrest at the hands of marauding Orcs reached out to bind the races of Men against the lesser Mer.

The perpetual nature and inclination toward war for the followers of the dung of Trinimac serves as bonding agent toward Hammerfell and High Rock only so long as it is able to bring the foolishly honorable remnants of the Ra Gada to place their back toward the Bretons, at which point King Joile bares his deceitful dagger.

It is claimed by certain historians and political commentators of the time, notably Morgaulle Dechery of Evermore, that by virtue of an outside order of so-called “Sword Saints,” the conflict did not culminate in the downfall of both Orsinium and Hammerfell at the hands of King Joile.

However, I posit that King Joile lacked the strength to carry through with his initiative, even if he had been able to capture the whole of the Bangkorai Pass, for the man lacked the strength to even safeguard his own person from one well-armed woman, Makela Leki.

It becomes apparent that King Joile waited until the time was right to attack the scions of Hammerfell, not because he was clever, but because he could not have possibly initiated his plans before then. In the typical short-sightedness of man ….

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