The Tale of Syrabane

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

(Music: Epic and Adventurous)

Gather round and hear the tale
Of Archmage Syrabane
Through his mercy and his might
He stopped the Thrassian Plague

A war was the only way
To stop the plague at hand
So Syrabane called for aid
All throughout the land


Oh, Syrabane, oh Syrabane
Ye mer of godly fate
Oh Syrabane, oh Syrabane
The youngest of the Eight

Man and Mer took up the call
They knew they could not fail
Together they combined their might
The All Flags Navy sailed

With Bendu Olo at his side
Slinging sword and spell
Syrabane beat back the tide
The Coral Kingdom fell


Now good mer, remember well
The Archmage Syrabane
For when dark times came to pass
He knew to ask for aid


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