Last of the Ayleid Kings

Author: Sonolia Vatia
Released In:

By Sonolia Vatia, scribe to the court of Emperor Brazollus Dor

With the fall of the Ayleid empire and the rise of the Alessian, not all Daedric-worshipping Ayleid rulers were overthrown. Some Ayleid leaders, sympathetic to the fate of the former human slaves, swore fealty to Allesia and her rebels, while others laid down their weapons with the fall of the Gold Tower.

Over time, these surviving kingdoms slowly devolved and human rulers (and their worship of the Aedra) spread. For about a hundred years, both cultures survived within the new empire, but with the ascendency of the Alessian Order, however, persecution of Daedric worshipers increased. Ultimately the last of the Ayleid vassal city-states, Nenalata, was given an ultimatum—evacuate or be eliminated. Their ruler, King Dynar Lalloriaran, led the evacuees from their city. Those that remained were massacred by the order. Dynar fled with two of the symbols of his office—his crown and scepter. His staff-like emblem was guarded by loyal retainers, but disappeared in the flight.

King Dynar and his people fled to High Rock, where they found safety with the High Elf Direnni clan. He founded the city of Bisnensel, but was driven from it as well and fled to the island of Balfiera, where he became a military advisor to Clan Direnni. He fought in the Battle of Glenumbra Moors, which crushed the power of the Alessian Order.

King Dynar is said to have returned to Cyrodiil, but disappears from the historic narrative. His emblem, crown, and scepter are lost to time. The towers and keeps of the Ayleids are nothing more than overgrown ruins, and their peoples scattered throughout the land. In this there is a warning for all empires. Nothing lasts forever, and time is the ultimate victor.

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