Auditorial Notes, Declension 81u5

Released In:
Author (in-game): Harmonic Auditor

…the components of the soul must remain entwined throughout. Risk: extremely high. Failure guaranteed if anything is lost during transference. An unsuccessful attempt would leave the base creature severely weakened—essentially unwhole—should they survive the process at all.

Much easier to replicate the marriage of organic components with the construct through my analysis of Vvardenfell methodology. Note, this technique produces no benefits over the standard methods and is in many ways inferior. Likely the reason for its rarity and abandonment.

Rkindaleft still houses sufficient means. It was the Dwemer’s intention, after all. And, my research into the creation of a suitable host is complete. I must devote the following years to the essence of consciousness, its relation to the soul, and (by extension) to memory. I know this is the key. I know I am close.

I must remember, no rules are absolute. Any barriers are those I have not yet pierced.

It will take time. It will take lifetimes. But of those, I have a stockpile.

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