Ruminations on the Lunar Vaults

Released In:
Author (in-game): Shadhassi-dra

The Khajiit is not a patient creature – Shadhassi-dra knows this from experience. This one has spent a lifetime teaching ja’khajiit to walk the moonlit path. The road to enlightenment is a long one, beset by many terrors, but Jone and Jode grant each of their children gifts to help them along. Some novices are born quick-minded, others are swift and graceful; but in fifty years of teaching, Shadhassi-dra has never seen a ja’khajiit who was born patient. It is not just the youth who struggle with this craving for immediacy. Even the oldest and wisest cats’ tails start to twitch when they are forced to wait too long for something they want. We are born curious, and we die curious. Var var var. For the truth-seeker, such energetic curiosity can be an asset. But when that curiosity gives way to agitation our paws can get tangled up. Only meditation and patience will untie them.

If you seek to calm a restless spirit, this one suggests meditating outside the temple’s lunar vault. It is a spotless and holy place, just a few pounces from the Suthay Gate. The vault contains blessed trinkets and our most sacred artifacts, but it only opens in the full light of Jone and Jode or in the darkness of their absence. A true child of the Moons will find great value in the waiting.

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