Verdant Hand Orientation

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Welcome to the Verdant Hand! We’re happy to pay you for anything you find out there, but get caught and we don’t know you.

The depths of Tamriel can be dangerous all on their own, but the places containing truly valuable yolk—relics and tomes, sometimes Daedric—are protected. Some are claimed by rival treasure seekers, others by the newly-formed Aldmeri Dominion. To my chagrin, they’ve found time between self-bickering to ruin my earnings by placing guards at every tomb rumored to house a lich or Daedric nest. Public safety, my left foot! It would be just like our new Queen to keep ancient secrets to herself. Luckily, we are few, and our enemies’ wavering eyes can’t watch every kinlord tomb every time.

That said, a few things to keep mindful of out there:

Patience is foremost in your arsenal. It will be your most distinguishing virtue among our numbers; forgotten relics wait forever. Those who seek us work in shifts.

Soft shoes are important, inside tombs and out of them. Echoing hallways alert the restless undead as easily as Dominion guards waiting outside.

Money is a great fallback. Even haughty High Elven guards crumble at the sight of coin.

Good hunting, and remember—waving at me in public is inviting my elbow into the soft part of your neck.


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