Noordigloop the Clog

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

What a fascinating place, the Orcrest sewers. You can find a staggering amount of wildlife in these putrid depths! As an explorer and amateur naturalist, I find that extremely convenient for my work.

I confess, I came to Orcrest in search of its sewer system with a specific goal in mind. I had heard rumors of a specimen of amorphous green slime transported from distant Murkmire for the express goal of alchemical study in an Orcrest laboratory. It is said that the creature escaped captivity during the chaos and unrest at the height of the disease that ravaged the city. Supposedly, the blob of slime slithered down into the sewer, where it grew to an enormous size and more potent toxicity due to the disease-ridden detritus flowing down there for it to consume.

So, with notebook and quill in hand, I braved the perils of Orcrest and found an access to the sewer. I encountered a number of small blobs that were scavenging through the waste and debris, but no huge monstrosity. Disappointed, I decided to push on. That's when I discovered the great pit and the impressive mass of slime that ruled there. I named it Noordigloop the Clog!

Gazing upon the impressive creature, I assumed it would be slow and docile giving its size. Imagine my surprise when it rushed after me like a wave of angry ooze! How did it sense my presence? I have no idea! And the smaller voriplasms scattered throughout the area, were they separate creatures or simply extensions of might Noordigloop? Further study will be required. Unfortunately, I write this from a hiding spot that I am hesitant to vacate while the slimes continue to search for me. I am going to wait a little while longer, then attempt to get close enough to Noordigloop to perform a thorough examination.

Maybe I can even acquire a sample of its vibrant slime to bring back to my alchemical workshop. Wouldn't that be grand?

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