The Gryphons of the Welkynars

Released In:
Author (in-game): Welkynar Siroria

Now, let’s get this straight. Gryphon training is no joking matter. Within the wild, these beasts are deadly. Dangerous. They’d eat you sooner than look at you. There’s many trainers in Sunhold who can attest to that. Even the chicks are known to peck off a finger or two, if you’re not careful.

As a Welkynar, you’ll be expected to raise your gryphon from the time it hatches to the day it dies. Or you die, of course, given our line of work. This starts off by collecting an egg. Yes, you collect the egg, so don’t expect to be handed one your first day. And I suggest you don’t go killing the gryphon mother, either. It’s hard to be bonded to a creature you’ve brutally orphaned. Trust me on that.

Once your chick has hatched, the bonding process can begin. You’ll immediately begin to undergo magical rituals to create a bond. But other than that, your relationship must grow from familiarity. You’ll feed, clean, and care for this chick. Expect a lot of pecks, scratches, and sleepless nights.

Once the bonding process has been complete, your gryphon will be trained to fight by your side. This gryphon will be your steed, protector, and steadfast friend. Their training will be just as stringent and hard as yours. And, by the end of it, the creature will become a soldier finer than most.

Now remember, this isn’t a commitment to be taken lightly. The bond you form with your gryphon will be unlike anything you’ve experienced. Rather than a mere companion, your gryphon shall become an extension of your very self. Your thoughts, your feelings, your needs, everything will be connected.

Should you successfully accomplish this responsibility, you’ll be welcomed within the ranks of the Welkynars. An honor that will change your entire course of life. So choose your egg wisely, candidate.

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