Conversion Status

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

My latest batch of recruits has a lot of potential. A few won’t be good for more than basic tasks, but several could become meaningful addition to our warrior caste. Once their conversion is complete and we’ve confirmed their loyalty.

Each recruit’s name and status follows.

Burbesh gra-Mhorank. Died from complications after recruitment.

Ushbar. Claimed to be a believer on his way to voluntarily join us. Sent to Chambers of Loyalty for testing.

Thorkh. Cook. Awaiting conversion process. Simple-minded? Pretending? Pain will determine the truth.

Unsulag. Appears to be a healer. We need healers, but she requires conversion, Give to Ushenat for time in the Icebox to help persuade her to our cause.

Garhar. Mage. Used spells to kill one of my recruiters. Another candidate for Ushenat’s Icebox.

Shaldagan. Some sort of artisan, but very feisty. Resists all of our attempts. Given to Graguz for reconditioning at the Forge.

Razasha. Another artisan. Managed to slip away. I think a harpy got her.

Morushna. Possesses impressive weapon skills but has a stubborn streak. Needs conversion. Another candidate for Graguz?

Batasha. Stubborn old woman. Uses a walking stick. Moves with deliberate slowness. Perhaps she’ll make a useful servant? Awaiting conversion.

Drudun. Some sort of crafter. Appears cowardly. Fell off the recruitment wagon and lost in the nearby hills. Presumably eaten by a herd of echateres.

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